This section of the Workday website is a growing library of resources designed to help the campus community learn key details about using the new system. Access this webpage for Frequently Asked Questions, a comprehensive Glossary, videos, an archive of past presentations, and upcoming instructor-led offerings.

Course Catalog

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If you Consider
Are a non-managerial faculty or staff member who will only use Workday for self-service tasks (i.e., managing personal information, benefits, and tax elections) WD 101 (in person or online)
or WD 102 (in person or online)
Enter time via a computer or timeclock WD 102 (in person or online)
Are a manager of people and approve Paid Time Off (PTO) and/or hours worked WD 103 (in person or online)
Are a student worker WD 104 (online)
Are a manager who assists with the hiring process HR 101
Review candidate resumes HR 101
Are a primary recruiter HR 101
Conduct performance reviews for employees HR 102
Submit Change Request Forms for job or title changes, or compensation changes HR 103
Need clarity on the Financial Data Model (FDM) at Wake Forest FIN 101 (online)
Purchase items for your department FIN 102
Create supplier invoices FIN 103
Are a faculty or staff member who uses a PCard and/or submits requests for reimbursements for travel, conferences, etc. FIN 104 (online)
Create accounting journals or budget amendments FIN 105
Manage assets FIN 106
Manage capital projects FIN 107
Use and run financial reports FIN 108
Create or assist with creating budgets BUD 101 (Available in January 2019 prior to the Spring 2019 budget and planning period.)

The following Online Human Capital Management (HCM) courses will be available by July:

  • HR 101: Posting Positions, Hiring and Onboarding
  • HR 102: Managing Performance
  • HR 103: Initiate Employee Job Changes


Workday Essentials

Choose the one Essentials class that is most applicable:

  • WD 101: Workday Essentials for Faculty and Exempt Staff (in person or online)
  • WD 102: Workday Essentials for Non-Exempt Staff (in person or online)
  • WD 103: Workday Essentials for Managers (in person or online)
  • WD 104: Workday Essentials for Student Workers (online)
Human Capital Management


  • Human Capital Management, Finance, Budget and Planning Classes:
    Participants are encouraged to take the appropriate Workday Essentials class prior to taking subsequent classes. Basic navigation and Workday terminology will not be covered in non-Essentials courses.
  • HR 103: Initiate Employee Job Changes:
    It is strongly recommended that HR 101 be completed before HR 103.
  • Finance Classes:
    FIN 101: Workday Finance Essentials (available May 7) is a prerequisite for all Workday Finance classes. The appropriate Workday Essentials class should be completed before participating in FIN 101.