Frequently Asked Questions -A

  1. Why was Workday selected?

After reviewing options to upgrade current software or implement a new solution, Wake Forest University selected Workday for its ease of use, innovative technology, cost effectiveness, and proven higher education track record. Among its catalog of more than 1,350 customers, Workday has an industry-leading 97 percent satisfaction rating.


  1. Which systems will Workday replace?

Workday will replace multiple separate systems, including:

  • Banner (Finance and Human Resources modules)
  • WF@Work through WIN
  • NOVAtime
  • Works
  • Deacon Depot
  • SilkRoad OpenHire and RedCarpet


  1. Who will be using Workday?

All faculty, staff, and student workers will use the new system to access personal, financial, and benefits information. Human Resources and Financial Services teams will use Workday to perform all functions related to recruiting, benefits administration, data analysis, payroll, and expense management.


  1. When will Workday be available?

Workday will be available July 2, 2018, with the Budget and Planning functional area added in 2019. View full timeline »


  1. Which functional areas of Workday will be implemented?

The following lists the functional areas the University is implementing, along with the components of each category.

Human Capital Management (HCM):

  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Compensation Changes
  • Onboarding
  • Performance
  • Recruiting
  • Time Off
  • Updates to Personal Information


  • Direct Deposits
  • Payslip Viewing
  • Time Tracking


  • Business Assets
  • Expense Transfers
  • Grants and Endowments
  • P-Card Statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Supplier Invoices (Accounts Payable)
  • Travel Expenses


  • Annual Budget Cycle
  • Pay Increases


  1. How will today’s processes change?

The current processes will be redesigned, based on Workday’s best practice recommendations, to better support our campus community. This will result in more efficiency and accuracy, while affirming the University’s commitment to sustainability.


  1. Will there be notifications that will alert users to access the system to complete action items?

Faculty, staff, and student employees will have notification options and may choose what will work best for them. Individuals may use the Workday inbox, establish notifications for each action item, or receive a daily digest email that lists open items in their approval queue.


  1. Will training be offered to supervisors so they can help their teams use Workday?

Yes; training will be offered to all faculty and staff.


  1. Is the University exploring Workday student?

In November 2016, over 80 Wake Forest faculty and staff participated in a number of sessions demonstrating the existing and planned capabilities of the Workday Student application. Provost Kersh is forming a working group to explore the future capabilities we need or require as a university in a student information system.

  1. If an individual delegates a task to a colleague (e.g., while on PTO), will the delegation automatically expire?

While the delegation will not automatically expire, users will be required to set an expiration date.


  1. Is it possible for an individual to delegate to a colleague who initially submitted the task?

Workday will have controls in place to prevent users from delegating a task to the submitter of that task.


  1. Will supervisors be able to see tasks once they have delegated them to a colleague?

Yes; supervisors will be able to check a box to set up all notifications involving a particular task to go to themselves and their delegates.

  1. How would an individual request a partial day of Paid Time Off (PTO), since Workday automatically defaults to 7.5 hours?

The individual would change the number of requested PTO hours before submitting.


  1. If a staff member has multiple jobs, will they see each of their jobs when entering time or requesting PTO? What information will supervisors see?

The staff member’s screen will display hours for each of their jobs, with the total hours listed at the top. Supervisors will see the total, but will only view the detailed hours for the position they are responsible for approving.


  1. Since non-exempt staff members will move to submitting time sheets weekly, will they be paid weekly?

No; non-exempt staff will continue to be paid bi-weekly.


  1. Is there an expectation that supervisors will approve timesheets weekly?

Supervisors may continue to approve timesheets bi-weekly, using the current schedule of Monday due dates.


  1. What will happen if a staff member accidentally submits a timesheet before it is complete?

The staff member may adjust the hours until the timesheets are locked. If the staff member resubmits a timesheet, the supervisor will receive an action item in their Inbox.


  1. If a staff member accidentally selects “Run Calculations,” will it have an adverse impact?

No; this will not have an adverse impact.


  1. Will there be a report that shows how much overtime has been worked?

An overtime report can be built within Workday.


  1. Will there be a report supervisors can use to view all logged hours for a staff member over a period of time?

This information will be available by clicking the “Team Time” worklet.